Items for our Baby Boutique:
(We only accept NEW items for our patients.)

  • Clothing for infants (Newborn – 18 months)
  • Diapers and Wipes (Newborn – Size 6)
  • Zippable onesies
  • Baby blankets, burp cloths, bibs
  • Pack and Play strollers
  • Baby carrier and Slings (Ergo, Baby K’Tan, Baby Bjorn, Tula)
  • Board books
  • Home safety kits for babies
  • Hooded bath towels
  • Crib sheets
  • Bouncy seat
  • Exersaucer
  • Neutral colored diaper bags
  • Nursing pads
  • Medela hand pump for breast-feeding
  • Muslin nursing covers
  • Sound machine
  • Wabanub pacifiers
  • Zipadee sleep sacks

Clinic Essentials:

  • Paper goods (Toilet paper, Paper plates, Paper towels, Kleenex)
  • Liquid hand soap (Must be antibacterial)
  • Bibles (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Nepali)
  • Water bottles
  • Snacks for patients (Pretzels, Animal crackers, Peanut Butter sandwich crackers, cheese & crackers, Mini size cans Ginger Ale)
  • Lysol spray
  • Postage Stamps
  • Copy paper, White & Pastel colors (Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue & Purple)
  • Thieves oil



Baby beds and mattresses must be new in box and we cannot accept large furniture or car seats.

Please consider donating your gently used items to Thrift for Good. A portion of the proceeds will be sent to Mid Cities Women’s Clinic.


Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday 9am - 5pm  Friday 9am - 12pm

Clinic Hours:

Monday-Tuesday: 10am - 4pm
Wednesday-Thursday: 10am - 7pm


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