Baby Bottle Campaign

Turn loose change into saved lives. Baby bottle campaigns are an easy way for your group to engage in the pro-life movement! We provide you with as many bottles as you need, bulletin inserts, and a step-by-step guide for how the Campaign works. You distribute the bottles – one to each person, group, or family – to be filled with coins, cash, or checks. When you return the filled bottles to MCWC, we’ll count the contents and let you know how much your group raised and how those monies were used to save lives! Email us or call 817.577.4387 to start a campaign today.

How much will be in your bottle?

  • $20 keeps the phone lines open for one frightened caller
  • $40 provides post abortive counseling for one patient
  • $50 provides a pregnancy test and counseling for one patient
  • $65 provides STI testing for one patient
  • $125 provides parenting education for one new family
  • $250 provides an ultrasound for one patient

We can’t continue to provide these services without your help. Will you partner with us in this simple way to save lives? Just pick up a bottle, fill it with change, bills or checks, or text MCWC to 77977.