Watch these videos to see some of the amazing miracles that God is writing through MCWC’s ministry! 

Kelcey's Story

“…I just want to get this out of the way so I can move forward with my life.” When asked if I would ever consider adoption – I said “no” then thought “how could I not want to give away my child, yet still take his life?” After Judy spoke to me “I broke down, I felt like I finally came back to myself. I finally felt mercy because of the guilt built up inside. Thank you everyone who supports MCWC. You helped change my life – you saved me … and saved my son’s life. Know that what you’re doing counts.”

Candice's Story

“The sonogram changed my life. I heard his heart beating and I went from, “I don’t want this baby,” to talking to my baby on the screen and feeling protective of the new life growing inside of me. I was no longer just Candice. I was Mom. Thank you to everyone that gives gifts to MCWC. You are giving more than money, you are giving love.”

Kristin's Story

“In my head there were not many options, because my boyfriend informed me that abortion was what he wanted. But I went to MCWC and met Karen, my counselor. She was so open and truly cared about me. I went ahead and got the sonogram…then to hear the heartbeat, I think it was 171 beats per minute, I couldn’t get over that. Driving home it was raining…I pulled over at a park and just felt complete peace.  I became a mama that day.”

Arriel's Story

“I got a sonogram and there he was — kicking, heartbeat, everything! Being able to come to Mid Cities meant a lot to me, they helped me with the encouragement I was needing, that no one else around had given. From the moment you walk walk through the door, you find somebody that genuinely cares and wants you to succeed and be a parent. They (MCWC) should be your first call.”

Sarah's Story

“…some of the things that went through my mind were, how am I going to do this? How will I get through school? Most of all, how am I going to tell my parents. MCWC helped with all of that providing help on how to talk to my parents, free testing, free sonogram and they accept you for who you are. Leiah is a joy to take care of and watch grow, I am so blessed.”

Anne's Story

“I’m speechless.I don’t know how to thank you for my sweet baby boy.”


Pam & Cody's Story

“We almost made a big mistake. Thank you is not enough to tell you how grateful we are for you!”


Jessie's Story

“I feel that this was divine intervention. I was feeling scared and alone and the women here were so helpful and listened to me. Thank you for being here.”


Maria's Story

“My eyes were opened to God and how he can help me. I feel more confident and supported to go through this. Everyone was super friendly and helpful.”


If these stories inspired you, please prayerfully consider becoming a volunteer, or financial supporter of this vital ministry.